Initial Number Sequence

  • Child uses and understands counting-on rather than counting-from-one.
  • Uses counting on to solve additive tasks and counting up to solve missing addend tasks.
  • May use count-down-from strategies.

The Counting-On Child (Addition Only)

This child is an example of a counting-on child.
When presented with 8 screened counters and 5 screened counters the child successfully counts on from 8 to calculate the total.

When presented with 4 screened counters and then asked how many more to make 9, the child successfully counts on from 4 up to 9 to calculate the missing addend.

The child has secure knowledge of how use count-on and count-up-to strategies.
This child is not yet able to use a count back strategy to solve subtraction tasks. The child reverts back to perceptual replacements (fingers) to calculate subtraction tasks and is therefore limited to subtraction within 10.