Intermediate Number Sequence

The child understands and effectively uses:

  • count-on strategies
  • count-up to strategies
  • count-down-from strategies
  • count-down-to strategies
The child can choose the most efficient of these strategies to solve the problem e.g:
  • if presented with 16-3, the child would count back 3– “16...15,14,13” 
  • if presented with 16-14, the child would back from 16 to 14 (or vice versa) and count the difference– “16... 15, 14”

Efficient Counting in Ones

This is an example of a child who counts efficiently in ones.
When asked 16-3 he counts back 3 from 16. However, when asked 16-14 he uses a count-back-to strategy and counts the difference. He chooses the most efficient strategy to get his answer.

At this stage he still counts in ones.