Using this site to improve numeracy and maths education

Research shows that there are significant differences in children's numerical knowledge when they begin school. These differences increase as they progress through school. There is a clear tendency for low attainers in the early years to continue to be low attainers. To overcome this we must ensure that children are secure in their understanding of number from the start.

We recognise that there is a need to build capacity in our profession to teach number through high quality ongoing professional learning opportunities. Our approach has been informed by the work of Dr Robert Wright who developed the Maths Recovery Programme. This research underpins our pedagogy we have been developing in classrooms across East Lothian.

This website provides the theory and background to our approach, our framework documents and online CLPL resources to support the development of numeracy and maths education.

This is what our children and our teachers say about good numeracy and maths education.

Learners' Views on Numeracy